I’ve applied.
What is next?

Pay your membership fees & bring all required items.

  1. To pay your due, please call (626) 585-7336 to make an appointment with the Student Bank stating that you want to pay your membership for AGS. Note that the fee is different for active and inactive members. After your payment, please email the receipt to our Treasurer Kiana Yao at agspcctreasurer@gmail.com.
  2. Bring your copy of your Unofficial Transcript when paying membership dues. You can obtain your transcript at your LancerPoint
  3. We will be collecting membership dues starting from March 16

Please email the following items to our Recording Secretary at agspcc.recordingsecretary@gmail.com:

  1. ID card
  2. Copy of current class schedule
  3. Copy of unofficial transcript
  4. Copy of your application information (registration receipt)
  5. **If this is your first semester at PCC, please bring your HS transcript

What do I do in ΑΓΣ?

To maintain good standing you must at least fulfill your service time and meeting requirements.

What else does ΑΓΣ have to offer?

  • Socials where you can mingle with fellow ΑΓΣ members, sometimes from other campuses.
  • Special regional events with other ΑΓΣ chapters.
  • Board positions if you want to make a difference within ΑΓΣ and develop your leadership capabilities.
  • Our annual Sink-A-Scholar/Blast-A-Scholar, which is always a huge event, with games, prizes, and a chance to dunk a professor.
  • Committees – take part in making our chapter GREAT!
  • Scholarships that you can apply for (Active members only).
  • And much more…