AGS Scholarships and Awards

Folks, without you, we wouldn’t have a lot of AGS funds for these scholarships. So you owe it to yourself to apply for these scholarships.

Alpha Gamma Sigma prides itself in its members because they are people who are willing to do more than just pass or meet they standard. They go above and beyond what people expect and try to be the best.

Scholarships are offered to those who have proven themselves to be exceptionally dedicated to community service as well as scholastic achievement. These scholarships are competitive, so you must do more than simply meet the following requirements.

Basic Qualifications

All members must meet the following requirements by in order to apply for a scholarship:

  1. You must be an Active member.
  2. You must complete 30 service hours, six of which must be AGS hours.
  3. You must have attended 6 meetings this semester. (Note: They count towards your 6 AGS hour requirement)
  4. You must submit a complete scholarship application. This includes an essay.
  5. You must submit your unofficial transcripts for screening purposes. We will verify your actual transcripts.
  6. You must submit a Letter of Recommendation from any distinguished professor, faculty of Pasadena City College.
Outstanding Service Scholarship
  • Total service is the primary determining factor for this scholarship, with scholastic achievement being the second factor.
Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Scholarship
  • The cumulative Grade Point Average is the primary consideration for the awarding of this scholarship. Service will also be a determining factor in the consideration process.
Outstanding Community Volunteer Scholarship
  • This scholarship will reward and give recognition to the student who has shown outstanding volunteer service to the community. Demonstrating a commitment of at least 2 hours per week to an approved organization/person throughout the semester is desirable.
Jim Stafford Scholarship Award
  • This scholarship will be awarded to scholarship applicant with the most volunteer service hours

Deadline for Scholarships and Awards is June 1nd, 2021 11:59 am

Other Scholarship/Useful Sources

One PCC student applied to 300 scholarships. Of these, many were uncontested. She won 100. Her expenses for her UCLA degree were almost entirely covered.

There’s an amazing number of scholarships out there that YOU qualify for and could win. Most require just your personal information and a written statement, so what are you waiting for. There’s nothing to lose!

Scholarship/Useful Sources Index

PCC Financial Aid Office

Of course, our Financial Aid Office is always there to help you fund your education. Besides links to federal and state funding, there’s also the yearly General Scholarship Form that covers several scholarships and more available here.

The Simple Dollar: Quick Student Credit Guide

Working at The Simple Dollar

This website was created to help people make truly better decisions by clearly laying out their options with content topics spearheaded by leading industry professionals.

Peterson’s Scholarship Search

This website has a lot of educational services for students, many of which are pay type. But the scholarship search only requires registration.

A free scholarship search service that’s part of the Monster job-search company. Take advantage of the largest scholarship database.

Alpha Gamma Sigma State Organization

Our parent organization offers several scholarships. As you might expect, these are competitive scholarships only available to all AGS groups at every campus, so competition may be a little tough. But then again, during this past semester, plenty of winners were PCC students.

Another scholarship database, they also have a scholarship giveaway.

Good Call: "Despite Recent Appointment, Progress for Women Still ...

GoodCall Scholarship database Search Engine which is one of the largest databases of scholarships on the web. GoodCall Scholarship Engine requires no personal information and it’s free to use.


For their scholastic achievement and volunteered service, the following AGS members are the Scholarship Recipients for Spring 2019

Awards can be picked up from the Student Bank using your Student ID. They are available for 6 months after the award has been issued.

Winners are announced at the end of the semester Banquet.

This semester’s banquet will be on:

Congratulations to:

Outstanding Service Scholarship

  1. Jeff Chan
  2. Ivy Liang
  3. Shannon Patrice De Leon

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Scholarship

  1. Elwin Cheung
  2. Caroline Thung
  3. Madeline King

Outstanding Community Volunteer Scholarship

  1. Isaac Sotomayor
  2. Yeab Guracha

Jim Stafford Scholarship Award

  1. Jennifer L