Folks, without you, we wouldn't have a lot of AGS funds for these scholarships. So you owe it to yourself to apply for these scholarships.

Alpha Gamma Sigma prides itself in its members because they are people who are willing to do more than just pass or meet they standard. They go above and beyond what people expect and try to be the best.

Scholarships are offered to those who have proven themselves to be exceptionally dedicated to community service as well as scholastic achievement. These scholarships are competitive, so you must do more than simply meet the following requirements.

Click here for the Scholarship Application.

Deadline for Scholarships and Awards is

Friday, November 16, 2018 4:00PM

Basic Qualifications

All members must meet the following requirements by in order to apply for a scholarship:

  1. You must be an Active member.
  2. You must complete 30 service hours, six of which must be AGS hours.
  3. You must have attended 6 meetings this semester. (Note: They count towards your 6 AGS hour requirement)
  4. You must submit a complete scholarship application. This includes an essay.
  5. You must submit your unofficial transcripts for screening purposes. We will verify your actual transcripts.
  6. You must submit a Letter of Recommendation from any distinguished professor, faculty of Pasadena City College.
Outstanding Service Scholarship
Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Scholarship
Outstanding Community Volunteer Scholarship

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