Remote Internship/Leadership Opportunities at a Berkeley Non-profit

A nonprofit founded at UC Berkeley by BerkeleyHaas students to empower the
international students at community colleges by providing leadership, mentorship, and extracurricular opportunities for free; A national association with more than 20 chapters spread across the country. College Leap expands by establishing chapters at community colleges. They serve as local liaisons and strive to build projects that help the international community at their colleges. Each chapter is run by a leadership team, and all leaders are considered as non-paid interns at College Leap with offers and internship certificates. Positions are open to both international students and local students.

As a chapter leader, you will receive:
  • Internship experience at Berkeley nonprofit to give back to your community;
  • a hands-on opportunity to work with highly motivated UC Berkely students;
  • a leadership journey to enrich your transfer application;
  • exclusive access to opportunities offered by College Leap
To become a chapter leader, you need to:
  • be a full-time student at a community college;
  • have around 10 hours per week to work on your chapter (exclude final/midterm weeks);
  • fill in the application form here

Contact Information: