PCC Alumni Webinar

Date: Friday, November 13
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm

College Leap PCC will co-host with co-hosted by Dafne from MESA Center holding PCC Alumni Webinar. The alumni speakers, currently studying at UC Berkeley, would share their insights and tips on successfully transferring to UC Berkeley and adapting to university life.

  • Guest speakers:
  1. Jacqueline Kim
    Major: Data Science
    Transferred from PCC: 2020
  2. Charis Liao
    Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
    Transferred from PCC: 2019
  • The agenda of the webinar would be as follows:
  1. Alumni sharing session
  2. Open Q&A session
  3. Networking session with alumni and members
  • Benefits:
  1. Connect and engage with alumni
  2. Get insights on transferring to UC campuses
  3. Enhance networking

    Link to registration