The Meeting Minutes are the official record of our meetings, created by our Corresponding Secretary.

All members are required to attend at least 6 meetings a semester (unless you have an excuse). The good part is that each meeting gets you 1/3 of an AGS hour. So if you attend six, you’ve already earned 2 AGS hours. General and planning meetings both count towards this requirement. So that you understand the way our meetings work, please read the following:

Meeting Times and Locations

  • General Meeting – C333 Thursdays, 12-1p
  • Planning Meeting – , Tuesdays, 12-1p

Due to COVID-19, our meetings will be hold virtually

Getting Credit For A Meeting

Did you know that for every general meeting that you wear your AGS T-Shirt, you get an extra 1/3rd of an AGS hour? You can buy T-shirts at general meetings for only $15! Be sure to get an orange ticket instead of a blue one if you are wearing your T-Shirt.

  1. Obtain a ticket from the board member at the entrance.
    • One ticket per person.
    • Tickets will only be handed out during the first 15 minutes of the meeting, unless you have an AGS-approved excuse.
  2. Write your name and the last four digits of your social or the last eight digits of your PCC ID legibly on the ticket. We can’t assign credit to you if we can’t read your ticket.
  3. Turn in your ticket only at the end of the meeting.

For a planning meeting, just sign in.

General Meeting Guidelines

The purpose of general meetings is to present events and new information to all members. To make meetings as effective as possible for all who attend, as well as to be respectful of others, please consider these suggestions:

  • Unfortunately, does not allow food or drinks.
  • Please turn off all cell phone ringers and handle your phone calls discreetly or outside.
  • Feel free to ask questions by raising your hand and waiting to be called upon.

Planning Meeting Guidelines

The rules are the same as the general meeting ones except for the following:

  • Food and drinks are allowed, but you must keep your area as it was when you entered.
  • Open session planning meetings allow greater interaction with the board than the general meetings. Feel free to join in on our discussions!
  • Take all phone calls outside.

Approved Excuses For Being Late or Missing a Meeting

In case you cannot show on on time for a meeting, or cannot stay the entire time due to educational or work committments, please bring the following to every meeting.

  • A Class is Adjacent or Conflicts with the Meeting Time – please show proof of this with your schedule print out from the PCC website or an equivalent document.
  • Work Schedule is Adjacent or Conflicts with the Meeting Time – a letter from your employer describing your work schedule is acceptable.