Events Discussion Board

Need to know more details about an event? Head over to the Events Discussion Board to learn more about these events and plans about the event, such as carpool, important documents and dress wear for the event.

ΑΓΣ Events

Here you are going to find all AGS events that are currently listed for members to sign up for. These events are often for fundraising purposes toward AGS, or to promote chapter spirit across the campus. Remember that Active Members need 9 AGS hours, and Inactive Members need 2 AGS hours towards their qualification of membership.

Community Service Events

Here you will find events that you help out in many communities. Even though there's no requirement for members to do Community Service Events, it is always best to help out in the community - and *wink*, it might increase your chances in winning a scholarship!

Member-Initiated Events

Here you will find a list of events where you can do your service time in. These events are not AGS-sponsored, but it doesn't mean that you can't participate in these events! Remember to turn in your proof of service (a letterhead from the organization explaining what you have done with the allotted amount of time) in the end of this semester!


Need a break from School? Then come join us in our socials, where we talk, eat, and more importantly have fun!

Special Events

Alpha Gamma Sigma, Honor Society often has four huge events that are full of fun and action. Whether it could be pieing your professor or sinking him or her, these events are events that you should not miss!

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