Section I ​Endowment Fund

Beginning in Fall 2006 with an initial gift of $2,000, an AGS endowment fund exists, held in 15 trust by the Student Business Services (Student Bank), to which successive iterations of the chapter should contribute at, as a suggestion, a minimum of $1 per member from the Scholarship Account.

A. The amount contributed is a decision of the Scholarship Advisory Committee.

B. Upon the principal attaining the minimum balance required to convert to a viable Endowment Fund, administered by the PCC Endowment Office, the intent is to have scholarship awards funded by the accumulated accrued interest, while contributions continue into the Endowment Fund principal.

Section II​ ​Scholarships

At the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, Alpha Gamma Sigma holds an Awards Ceremony.

A. At this ceremony, scholarship awards are presented by the Advisors.

B. Scholarship recipients and award amounts are determined by the Scholarship Advisory Committee composed of the chapter Advisors, and selected among those scholarship applicants completing the eligibility requirements by the established due date.

C. No applicant qualifies to receive more than one scholarship per semester up to a maximum of two scholarships in their lifetime, unless there are not sufficient applicants to a particular scholarship.

D. Cabinet Certificates, Awards of Recognition, introduction of the new board, and the Charge of Office are also announced at this time.