Section I​ ​Election Code

A. Officer elections for the succeeding term are held near the week of the service time submission deadline, and at least one week before the Awards Ceremony.

B. All Active members are eligible to vote if present and voting at the meeting when elections are held. As the election process digitizes, board members must ensure that only those present at the meeting vote by working in conjunction with the Recording Secretary to verify voter presence.

C. Uncontested elected offices are voted on by the current Executive Board members.

D. Elections are determined by a majority of Active member votes cast. In case of no candidate for an office or in case of a tie, offices are filled by appointment by the current Board.

Section II ​Qualification for Office

A. Any member in good standing on election day with less than 3 terms served as a local chapter board member may run for office.

B. Candidates are invited to give a timed speech on election day and to answer questions, as time permits.

C. A candidate for office may not use contact information gained through access to the AGS membership list for campaigning purposes.