Section I​ ​Planning Meetings

A. Cabinet members and Advisor(s) meet once a week at a predetermined time.

B. Planning meetings are open-session meetings, except those times in the agenda when the Chair calls a closed session with only board and Advisor(s), for discussing issues of a more sensitive nature.

C. No final decisions can be voted or reached without a quorum or an attending Advisor. D. Members may be credited with meeting attendance for attending a Planning meeting.

Section II​ ​Quorum

A. A quorum of a majority of executive board members with at least one Advisor attending is needed to hold a Planning meeting. Without quorum, only an informal meeting can be held for which present members will not receive AGS hours.

Section III​ ​Parliamentary Authority

A. Standard rules of parliamentary procedure will be the guideline in all instances in which they are not inconsistent with the By-laws of Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), Incorporated. 

Section IV​ ​General Meetings

A. General meetings commence following Club Week in the semester and are held on Thursdays, at a predetermined time.

B. At least one Advisor must be present.