Section I​ ​Transcript Notation

A. Only applicants meeting all membership requirements may receive a transcript notation of AGS participation.

B. Transcript notation is granted to members in Good Standing.

C. Members must achieve a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to receive notation.

D. Students upon graduating or finishing PCC with transcript notations of AGS membership are entitled to receive the Alpha Gamma Sigma Gold Seal for their diploma or other document of their choosing.

Section II​ ​Meetings

A. All members must attend at least 6 (six) General or Planning meetings during a semester.

B. Members may attend 1 (one) social in lieu of one of the 6 meetings they must attend.

C. Members are expected to arrive within the first 15 minutes and must stay until the last 10 minutes of the meeting hour to count towards meeting attendance.

D. Each member is responsible to provide proof of attendance. No proof of attendance will be issued after the first 15 minutes of a meeting, except by variance of the Recording Secretary. If the Recording Secretary is absent from the meeting, any board member present can verify their attendance.

E. Members who have regular class or job conflicts with the scheduled meeting may request to be exempted from Rule C of this section by submitting a copy of their class schedule taken from the Pasadena City College Website or an official copy of their work schedule verified by their supervisor along with a contact number for verification purposes. Being a part of student organizations or a part of any other PCC organization other than AGS such as Associated Students or clubs on campus does not grant a member or board officer to be exempted from meetings. Meeting requirements is mandatory to earn end of the semester notation. Granting special exemption for meetings will be presented by a member during weekly planning meetings and will be put to a vote.

Section III​ ​Grade Point Average Eligibility

A. The GPA after final grades are submitted in a semester is the final factor in judging fulfillment of membership requirements.

B. In determining GPA eligibility, units must be counted beginning with those most recently completed and going back chronologically. If any units from a semester are used to establish eligibility, all units in graded courses on that and all intervening transcripts must enter into the calculation of the GPA.

C. Any course completed two years or more prior to application, whether at a community college or other institution, shall not be used to prohibit any person from achieving membership, provided these units are not to meet the minimum number of required units.

Section IV​ ​Other Requirements

A. Member must submit unofficial transcripts to the Recording Secretary and membership dues to the Treasurer. Applications must be received no later than the established due date. All membership dues are non-refundable. Dues for a Fall or Spring semester shall not change during the application window for that term.

B. All members are required to reapply for membership each semester. Permanent members must reapply in order to be eligible for scholarship consideration or if serving on the executive board.

C. All members must remain enrolled in 9 or more units. Exceptions to enroll in fewer units are for members graduating or in their final semester, for appointed officers on the executive board, for members experiencing limited course offerings by the college, or for members facing similar challenges, as granted by variance of the board.

D. Service time benefiting the community and promoting the Alpha Gamma Sigma PCC chapter is valid toward achieving membership only when done during the current Fall or Spring semester. The member commits to completing the prescribed service time requirements of his member status – Active / Inactive – by the established due date.