The AGS Honor Society (Alpha Chapter) Graphic Identity Program is composed of well-structured graphic elements, including the AGS logo, with accomodated fonts.

For High Resolution images of our logos, please ask the current Technology Coordinator or Publicity Art Director, as they will provide you with them. You are to use the logos with the permission of the current Executive Board. Any violation of this law will result in either a revoked membership or other major consequences.

The Alpha Gamma Sigma, Honor Society (Alpha Chapter) logo is the primary identifier for the Honor Society. This logo can be used in both print and web applications.


  • Do not alter the form or shape of the logo.
  • Do not change any colors of the logo.
  • Do not alter the typeface within the logo.
  • Do not blur the logo.

Within our website and our honor society, there are other several logos used:

Official Alpha Gamma Sigma, Honor Society Mark and Logo

The official mark is often used in official AGS documents and letterheads to represent the California Scholastic Honor Society’s main organization.

Pasadena City College

PCC Logo

We use the small logo of Pasadena City College, since Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society’s Alpha Chapter resides and is apparent in Pasadena City College.


The Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Pasadena City College website uses the myAGS system, to manage events, notations, and memberships. This logo is used sparingly in the upper left hand corner of the website, and is visible when the bar is visible.


The Honor Society’s official colors are based off our college’s colors, which is PCC Cardinal (#990000) and Gold (#FFCC00).

Besides inheriting our college’s colors, Alpha Gamma Sigma also has other colors within it’s graphic applications:


By default, the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society uses the Droid Serif and Droid Sans font for our content. We also interchange with Georgia and Lucida Grande if those fonts are not accessible.

The Alpha Gamma Sigma Logo uses the Adobe Caslon Family and Times New Roman. However, the usage of those fonts were used in a certain way, so do not attempt to recreate the logo with the fonts.