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Alpha Gamma Sigma is the California Community College Scholastic Honor Society. AGS is dedicated to promoting scholarship, character, and civic responsibility statewide in California's community colleges. Membership in AGS demonstrates you can balance philanthropy, leadership development, and academic excellence.

Founded in 1926, AGS seeks to assist students in their goals by encouraging achievement and volunteering, in building social and professional networks, and by giving information and focus needed for success.

Α - Alpha is "Arête" meaning Excellence

Γ - Gamma is "Gnosis" meaning Knowledge

Σ - Sigma is "Sophrosyne" meaning Wisdom


Thus, our motto: "Add to good character, knowledge and judgment."

Alpha Gamma Sigma is the sum of its members in the Chapters throughout the state. Pasadena City College has the distinction of the initial AGS chapter established - thus the Alpha chapter - under our first AGS advisor, Miss Kathleen D. Loly. By associating with AGS, you inherit an honor and reputation maintained over nearly a century. You in turn have the charge to uphold that distinction for next semester's members coming into AGS.

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