As an Honor society, we expect our members to act responsibly when removing themselves from participation in chapter events. To encourage AGS members to use good judgment, we institute the following “Flakers Policy.”

Please remember that most events are fundraisers, which pay for scholarships. If funds are not raised, scholarships cannot be awarded. In addition to missing an opportunity to raise funds, under certain circumstances, ΑΓΣ is forced to pay out money when people do not show at some events. Furthermore, our good name is tarnished, and we are no longer considered a reliable organization.

Therefore, while we hope not to discourage any of our members from participating in ΑΓΣ events, we encourage all our members to abide by the following simple guidelines when there is really an emergency and you cannot make it to a promised event:

  1. Please contact the board member in charge at least 24-48 hours prior to the event, either directly or by email to (Include in the Subject line the name [or job title] of specific board member(s) you are trying to reach.)
  • You must give a valid reason for missing the event.
  • Have the name and contact information of a confirmed replacement, if appropriate.

Failure to do so – including a same-day cancellation – will result in the following actions:

  • 1st Incident: dock how many hours signed for
  • 2nd Incident: docked double hours signed up for
  • 3rd Incident: Suspension for the Current Semester.

For all incidents, if ΑΓΣ loses specific funds or is required to pay out an amount because a member decided not to show up, that member is to reimburse ΑΓΣ the entirety of those funds. For example, if ΑΓΣ was to receive $10 per person for a TV taping and instead must pay $15 penalty for every no-show, any member who did not show up will be obliged to reimburse ΑΓΣ $25.