Transcript Notation List(Draft)

Mon, Apr 27 2015

Dear Alpha, Please check your membership status for Spring 2015 here. If there is an error regarding your pcc id, please send an email to immediately. and also, the deadline for Missing Hours (Meeting + AGS + CS) is … Continue reading

New Board members 2015-2016

Sat, Apr 25 2015

Hey there, Alpha! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend- full of studying, of course! I am proud to say this weekend concluded our spring 2015 Elections! I would like to give special thanks to every candidate that participated!! There … Continue reading

Dave & Buster’s Fundraising event!

Tue, Apr 21 2015

Dave & Buster’s Fundraising event!! The social event on 4/24 is CANCELED because of the limited participants. In order to collect more fundraising money, we extend the deadline to 4/30 and the max hour is **6.75** !! It’s the last … Continue reading

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